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For your morning delectation
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Stolen from murnkay who stole if from someone else.

Best. Knife block. Evar.

Update (because people asked): Gizmodo's write-up here. Alas, it seems as if this isn't the sort of thing you can actually, y'know, buy.

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Pray, where can one aquire such a knife block? I have an interest in owning one, sort of in a "must have" sort of way.

Alas, it looks like it's not a buyable sort of thing. Check the link I added to the entry.

Maybe we need to start a petition. Or learn how to do injection molding.

Holy crap that's awesome. Hey estrellada think of how good this would go with our new bath tub...

(Deleted comment)
*craft girl hat on*

I think it would be difficult because both fimo and sculpty are actually kinda delicate and crumble at weak spots, like the 'feet'. I think making a mold and using some sort of plastic would be ideal, and is probably what they did.

Cool. Depending on the mood you can tag it with "customer", "teacher" or "husband" ^^

mwa ha ha ha haaa

I know someone who would probably absolutely LOVE that

besides me of course *grins*

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