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A shrubbery
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Erin informs me that what Mouse so endearingly calls the Smell Good Tree is a pieris, most likely pieris japonica.

The beds along the parking lot outside our building are filled with a tallish varietal of pieris, the upper foliage of which is turning a lovely almost-apple red. There are also what appear to be some dwarf varietal of pieris in the cedar mulch beds outside the local Save-On strip mall. They have a nice yellow-orange turn to their leaves. All that's nice, especially since I just noticed that the blooms on ours are just about done and turning to seed.

Ah well, must find something else to take lungfuls of with me to work. Alas, they're so well placed along my walk from the door to the car.

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Yay, the smelly-nice bush! Yeah, ours are prety much done with here too.

Hehe, they have those all over the elementary school... unfortunately I don't go to an elementary school anymore and never see them anymore... they were so pretty too!

You lucky ducks... :P

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