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Did I mention I'm getting married? Yeah, I'm getting married. In March.

It's interesting, the reactions that telling people I'm getting married elicits. Lots of congratulations, much of the time tinged by a blend of surprise and incredulity. Much of that, I gather, is people going, "Wow, more and more people I know are getting married or having kids," and the we're-not-kids-anymore realisation that goes with it.

We're going to have the ceremony at the Bloedel Conservatory at the peak of Little Mountain, better known as Queen Elizabeth Park (or "Queen E" to locals). We've got the space booked and the marriage commissioner arranged, and now it's just the details to figure out.

So yeah, I'm getting married.

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Congratulations! Marriage is a beautiful thing, and it couldn't have happened to two better people. Cam and I will have to get together to plan something dastardly for you, perhaps involving copious amounts of port and buttercookies.

The virtual tour looks amazing, Koi fish!

The koi are great. Me mum tells me that when I was a wee one I'd love to chase them around, following on the bank. (That place has been there for ages without much change!)

Cute story, I'm sure everything will work out fine and everyone will have a good time, including you, I mean you have a history with the place and all:)

Oh, wow... the Conservatory is gorgeous!!

Oh, goodness, it's going to be great. On the way back from the alter the two of you will have to stop to smell the flowers. =)

Definitely. And take pictures of them. :-)

Well; your camera is something new! Take it with you. ;)

The only drawback is that it's sweltering in there. We're going to be dressing as if it's a July wedding! :-)

Wear a sarong! That would work nicely!

It would be in keeping with the surroundings, yeah. I think our families would have a hard time with the idea of it, though.

Well; hopefully you won't be in them long. After the ceremony, which yeah, takes a while, it's off to a restaurant/other venue for party-making and dinner, right? Which should supply some relief more than anything.

But I think heat will be the last thing on your mind when you're there. =)

We went there today and we found that, at the time of day we'll have the ceremony and at the spot we picked out, the humidity is actually pretty low. It's away from the jungle parts, right near the border where the desert stuff starts up. It's crisp but warm air there, which will be perfect. :D

Oh, I never said "congrats" guys. So congrats guys!


Wow, more and more people I know are getting married or having kids.


It's true though - someone I went to elementary school with is having a baby boy, due at the end of this month. And someone else I went to elementary school with just bought a condo. Like, with money. That she has. Because she's an adult.

That place looks gorgeous, so I'd better have my Flickr friends page full of sappy lovely wedding photos!

I join the congratulations group. And open up the "damn, why can't we get married yet, curse university" group.

... the conservatory has a silly meaning in German, by the way.

Does it? It's named after someone named Prentice Bloedel, who gave the donation that paid for its construction.

What's it mean?

"Blöd" means "stupid" and "blödeln" behaving silly and making stupid jokes.

OMG!! With a name like that, no wonder he moved to Canada where nobody would understand it!! :-)

Haha, probably. xD It sounds to our ears pretty weird as a name for a conservatory but as long most of your guests are not German speakers, you should be safe ;)

Traumatized as a youth, he swore revenge! Against trees.

Congrats to you both!

Well, not to be all predictable, but congratulations!

Thank you! I can sympathise retroactively with your own planning headaches now. We're going for very simple too, so it's not too bad. I can't imagine what people go through for the traditional North American wedding, though.

Congratulations again... and it's totally an epidemic. Did you know, Mouse is getting married soon too?

(Deleted comment)
It's true! On the same day, even! ;-)

In my case it's like, *blink* I didn't even know you were dating someone. At all. Seroiusly.


I can be pretty cagey online about my personal life. But for the record, I'm dating two someones. The other is one half of our Best People of Honour. :-D

Hey, coolies.

I'm married to someone and dating someone else, too!

Although they weren't at our wedding. Their wife made my bouqet and flower arrangements though.

I follow the totally stereotypical reaction you described. Congratulations, and goodness sakes, I feel older, now that everyone around me is getting married (or already is).

As you're one of my youngest friends, and as I am myself embarking upon one of those "adult" things, it's not particularly shocking to me that you're getting married.

Congratulations, by the way :)



Hey you! Haven't heard from you in ages. How are you?

I miss seeing you around school. We should get together sometime.

I know. Working life takes the fun out of lifeness.

I've been good. Government's been a bitch with papers.... but hopefully the worst will be over this time next week

I miss the crosswordness and frapps.
I'll be on campus sometime in the next week or so... we should arrange some time to meet up :)

I read about the papers nonsense before it disappeared, yeah. I went through a bit of that with the tax people recently—different answers depending on who you talk to, delays that nobody mentions the first time—but on a smaller scale.

I don't have classes on Mondays or Wednesdays, though I might be up there this Wednesday for the new After Hours Cafe that neomeruru and others have resurrected. You still have my phone number? I keep it on vibrate during class, so you can call anytime when you're up there. Could arrange ahead of time too via email or phone, of course, but that's not so spontaneous. :)

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