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I have weird dreams
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I don't remember all of the dream, but I recall the very last two or two-and-a-half scenes. I have the impression of several more scenes, but they didn't recall themselves to me after I woke up. I always seem to have the most interesting dreams after waking up in the early morning and then going back to sleep. Something about waking up and remembering the real world seems to inject fresh ingredients into my imagination for the use of my dreaming subconscious.

I'm pretty sure the following has nearly no meaning, but you're welcome to speculate in any case. :-)


There was a fire, and an old crotchety care-taker was taking care of it. He looked like the grumpy machinist at work, but kindlier. The fire was in the lee of a large, irregular log, in the grass but the fire wasn't catching.

This was all behind a shed, and bounded on the far side of the shed by something formless I can't remember, but which later took on form. More below on that. The shed was full of bread dough; little fist-sized pieces of dough, each shaped into a vaguely oblong shape more tapered than an egg on either end, and about three times the size of an egg. They were uncooked; that's what the fire was for. I had a cooked one with me, or maybe it was just dried out from being in the sun.

I tried to juggle the dried out loaf of dough and two fresh ones. The dough kept stretching and trying to fall apart, but generally held it's shape. I managed to throw two and catch both, and practiced for a while before trying all three. I only got a few catches, but I was happy because I hadn't been practicing and I could still manage it with a bit of trying.

The grass and the log started to catch, and I was dismayed. This quickly became a moot issue when the space between the shed and the formless boundary became a shaped brick moat of invisible-clear water with a tall building on the far side that used to be formless. There was a walk around three sides of the building, and the moat led out into deeper water, maybe ocean. The bottom was muddy.

There were fish in it, of all colours but mostly just one size: big. I somehow got onto the walk on the far side and the care-taker tossed me a camera from the grass near the shed on opposite side. The camera had bulbous curves and was vaguely plastic-toy in appearance. I took some good shots of interesting fish before they saw me. They didn't dart away, though, but sort of sideslipped away in groups, according to species.

Then on the other end of the moat between the shed and the building, the left, were the pirouetting dinosaurs. They were reminicent of hadrosaurs with their long bony crests, except they were anthropomorphic and the size of a small adult, and very thick-limbed. They had goofy grins on their faces as they pirouetted, and they were in the water up to their shoulders. Their feet didn't quite touch the bottom, but they managed to spin quite quickly in any case. There were at least two, and they were vaguely disturbing. I think it was the idiot-grins that got to me.

I was back on the shore then. The shed butted right up against the moat now, rather than having grass between it and the water. The shed was long, running parallel to the moat. It was partitioned down the middle, the long way, creating two very long, narrow rooms. The room farthest from the moat contained the bread, which was gone or unimportant now. The outside wall of the shed in that room was open, to let the heat from the hearth out. I don't remember seeing beyond the open wall, only that it let light and air in. There was a long stone counter on which the bread dough rested.

The room nearest the moat was closed in and dark, but was pierced by the door on the far left. The door between the rooms lined up with this door, so that you could move from the open, airy room directly through the dark room and out to the moat, without really being in the dark room. I think it was full of tools or other shed-like, care-taker-like things. I didn't look.

I was standing just to the right of this door after I had returned from the far side of the moat and some time had passed. The CEO at work had showed up and together with the care-taker placed a metal ladder across the moat so that the CEO could cross. The other side was of some interesting to him, for some reason, but then he's also the sort of CEO that likes to actually get dirty with the rest of the production staff, on occassion.

The ladder was lying down, one end on the concrete floor just inside the door in the dark room of the shed (but not in the dark because of the light from the doorway), while the other end protruded over the threshold of the door and some way across the moat. It was obvious that the ladder scheme had failed from the way it was dripping water. It had only partly failed, however, since the CEO was satisfied with his visit to the far side of the moat while accepting the limited success of the crossing method.

Then I woke up.

I note that I only remembered this much because I related it to my bed-mate when I woke up, and there was quite a lot more that I couldn't recall.

The fish were neat. I wish real-world fish came in those combinations of colours and shapes, but I rather think that I wouldn't want to swim with them. They were way too big for me to be comfortable. I'm still vaguely annoyed that the dream/reality division caused the photos to not turn out.

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sounds like the kind of dream i have

although not last night because i was too busy clinging to the edge of the bed and shivering. Anna stole my pillow, the entire blanket and the entire bed! What is up with that?

*bleary-eyed blink*

Re: sounds like the kind of dream i have

Do you find that your dreams seem more colourful than meaningful?

I almost always recognise the real-life sources of the ingredients of my dreams, but rarely does it seem to be saying anything significant about those sources.

Freaky Teeky... I have weird dreams like that, but I can almost never remember that much; only vague scenes and images, but not enough to form a timeline or to remember where I was.

Write more of your dreams. They're interesting. ^__^

I can never remember my dreams unless I have a chance to focus on them and fix them in my memory just as I wake up. Otherwise they just dissolve away.

<waves that irritating Sigmund Freud action figure at you> "Vell, zen, Mr. Saxi. Tell me about zees dreams."

Would you like to borrow him? ;-)

Oh, no, thank-you.

I think that Uruk-hai can use him more than I. :-)

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