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Wow, I haven't looked at this site for a while. Being busy and preoccupied with the niggly details of day-to-day life is like getting hit by a truck full of expensive china. At least, it would be like that if I could figure out how to make that simile work.

Hmm, now what have I been up to since I was last in this space...

I haven't gotten any farther along with CSS. Aside from that, my love of minimalist web design [ and laziness, can't forget that -Ed ] has kept me from embellishing on this page's design. On a related tangent, I've switched over from Opera to Konqueror, because it's good. Despite that, I still use Lynx almost daily. I'm not what you would call a `follower' of any one program.

On another tangent, I installed Woody, or rather "Testing" as it became known just before I decided to upgrade to it. Works fine in most ways, but I'm still keeping a few packages held back either because the new version has sucky new features (GKrellm) or odd bugs that annoy the crap out of me (XMMS, Mutt).

I made my CD burner work under Linux, which was fairly easy given a few HOWTOs and some time. I've yet to implement a policy of regular backups though; I'm still trying to migrate my backed-up data from the `backup' folder it's in, back into my normal file system. Let alone that backup that I still have from when I moved off of the Mac and back to a PC, and the one I've got from moving off of Windows and onto Linux...

I just tried to install Mandrake 8.0 on my significant other's computer, a brave little 90 MHz Pentium with 16 MB of RAM and a 1 Gig harddrive. The fact that the installer deemed the machine incapable of using its much-lauded graphical install interface and defaulted to a text-based one should have tipped me off that this was not the distro for her. The package intaller that, instructed to install as little as possible, because it wanted way too much of her harddrive, still managed to install a list of non-critical packages the length of my arm, didn't sow much doubt in my mind either. However, when it takes 7 minutes for X to launch and for the Session Manager to load and render, and another 10 or 15 minutes to fire up Gnome into a near-usable form, even my often-unfettered optimism was scowling at my insistence that "wait, I can make this work."

She actually suggested (against all the collective wisdom out there about Linux on the desktop, usability, Windows users migrating to Anything Else, etc) that she would prefer to install Debian. Woo, I'm in love. Or rather, I would be if I hadn't been already... er, wait, that doesn't make sense. Eh, I timestamp these posts for a reason [ so that you can cop out of being held responsible for anything you write? -Ed ] [ sure -Me ]. I actually caught her saying something to the effect of "I love apt-get!" for which I was constantly given that look that tells you that your sanity is being re-evaluated, back when I discovered the joys of apt-get. Ah, sweet, sweet vindication.

On a completely different note, I've decided that I want to write a MU* Client That Doesn't Suck for the console using the Curses library. The idea came to me while lying in bed half-awake, trying to fall asleep. I could actually visualise the object relationships in that state, so I figure that I must be able to implement it. It'll be a good excuse to exercise the code-writing skills that I presumably acquired in college, and get them back into shape. That, and I've always liked the elegance of a console interface, and I'm hoping that Curses will fill the void that DOS+Pascal left when I discovered that DOS Sucks. I'm not about to tackle it right now though, as I've got way too many other things in my life to worry about.

Which reminds me, I'm out of a job and looking for work. Know anybody that needs a junior systems administrator that's completely self-taught and has a keen, quick-witted mind and a strong desire to learn? :-D

Holy carp, I can be verbose when I don't try. I'm going to go fix myself a midnight snack.

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You were cute when you were barely out of your teens ;-)

Hey, this was at least two years since my teens. :-)

That qualifies as 'barely' ;-) I love you, beautiful.

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