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I don't even play WoW
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Lacking in good sense
I am up too late again
Ph34r my DPS

~ ~ ~

The last line could really be changed to any five-syllable reveal.
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Rowan speaks
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Rowan's spoken vocabulary has started increasing exponentially. In just the past week I've gone from cautiously acknowledging certain sounds as "words" to admitting that he actually has a vocabulary.

Rowan now says, in order of acquisition:
no (as well as "no...", "NO!", "no *headshake*", "nonononono!", and possibly "no, mama")
yeah (and "yes", to a lesser extent)

He still generally makes requests by pointing vaguely in the direction of the object (or where-ever he believes it is) and going "aeeeihh?", but he's started requesting crackers and toast by name, not just saying "toast toast toast" to himself when he's given some. It's pretty cool.
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Rest in peace, Samuel L. Hamster, 2006-2009
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If toasters were video cards
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Shamus Young (of the famed "DM of the Rings" comic) writes about what buying a toaster would be like if they were marketed by videocard makers.
Hey man, I need a new toaster. You know all about kitchen stuff. Have any suggestions?
The KitchenAid4000 series just came out.
Are those good?
I have a KA4510, and it’s really good.
Does it have 4 slots?
Oh you want 4 slots? Well, the KA4510 XN goes up to four slots, but it only toasts one side.
Let’s pretend I want to toast both sides.
Then you probably don’t want a KitchenAid. Their 4000 series 4-slicers aren’t very good. You could get one of the old KA3510 XN or XNS for cheap these days, but they take like, twenty minutes to toast the bread.
Er. What else is there?
The whole post is hilarious.

Late resolution
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I made a New Year's resolution this year! I never do that.

"I resolve to resolve to do things at times other than New Years this year."

... Waitaminute.

New Macs unable to play some movies on connected TVs
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New models of Macs include HDCP.

What that means is that media with DRM will not play on a new Mac if it has an "unauthorised" display connected. Unauthorised displays include external monitors, TVs, projectors, and so on that aren't also HDCP-compliant.

This is utterly stupid. Most of the hardware already out there or on the market is not HDCP-compliant. Not only that, nobody knows what is and isn't compliant because manufacturers don't disclose HDCP compliance in their product materials, in order to make it harder for crackers to target the standard.

With Apple rolling out HDCP in their laptops, a lot of people are suddenly discovering that they can no longer use their entertainment setups anymore. We like to hook up our laptops to the TV to watch movies. Apple wants people to buy movies on iTunes... but now they're forced to watch them on their little 13" laptop screen. The problem is that there isn't enough of an installed base of devices that can play this game.

Despite the evident intention of combatting piracy, what this will do is:
1) Encourage people not to buy through iTunes, to avoid DRM-laden media
2) Encourage people to pirate movies they've legitimately bought to get non-broken versions
3) Give crackers a lot of motivation to break HDCP so that people can actually, y'know, use their hardware.

I work in an academic lab. Can you imagine the pain if an instructor wanted to show a DVD on the overhead projector and the Mac wouldn't because the projector wasn't "authorised"? We can't even make sure that doesn't happen, because there's no way to determine what hardware is compliant in order to avoid non-compliant hardware.

Anyone have any bets on how long it will be before HDCP gets cracked?

IMAX and Tinseltown tickets funded California gay marriage ban
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The CEO of Cinemark, parent company of Tinseltown and IMAX theatres, gave $10,000 to the Proposition 8 campaign to amend the California state constitution to ban gay marriage.

Not surprisingly there are calls to boycott all Cinemark-owned theatres.

The last time I went to Tinseltown was to see a screening during the Out On Screen GLBTQ festival. Ironically that money helped to un-marry 8,000 gay Californians. I certainly won't be going there again.

Ralph Nader is a racist bag of dicks
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Nader asked last night whether Obama would be Uncle Sam to the people or Uncle Tom to wealthy corporations.

Let's translate that into their culturally-symbolic meanings:

"Will Obama be the personification of the United States for the people, or will he be an ingratiating Black slave sellout to his White corporate masters?"

Nader defends it, apparently believing it to be an honest question, focusing on the point of whether Obama will help the poor or give in to corporate lobbyist pressure. He appears oblivious to fact that "Uncle Tom" is a racially-loaded term that only has meaning because Obama is Black. The commentator on Fox News looks incredulous and repeatedly challenges Nader's use of "Uncle Tom" to describe Obama, and Nader just doesn't get it. (Holy fuck, Fox News is defending Obama from a racist epithet!)

The video:

Follow-up to Dear America: Your voting system sucks
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Some people are talking about universal registration, finally. That article also covers the benefits and political implications of universal voter registration.

Beatles music video game in the works
Harmonix has secured the rights to use Beatles music in a Rock Band–style game, which is under development and slated to be released as a stand-alone game in winter 2009.