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The Pancake Rabbit
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Oolong the rabbit likes to balance things on his head.

(Can you tell I've not moved very far from my computer today? It takes a long time for mkfs to do its write-read bad-block test (as opposed to the faster simple access test) on a 30GB drive though, so I've got an excuse.)

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I have had a bunnypancake pic on my desktop for months.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, so here is a bunny with a pancake on his head." is the caption.

Sad he is dead now.

Speaking of, have you got my harddrives sitting around? The 16 gig or whichever it was, specifically?

No, the bunneh is balancing the drive on his head. He says he will have it back tomorrow, though, so that's okay.

It's a 10-gig drive. I almost put it in my case by mistake today, but I figured out which was which.

That's too darn cute! Thanks for the link!

Isn't it, though? It makes me want to own a rabbit again.

That reminds me: The Language of Lagomorphs is a great read for anyone who digs rabbits, and especially for those who want their rabbit to be a nice and well-behaved bunneh. That link nicely complements the Oolong link.

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