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Simplest Wargame EVAR
Tank Patrol is played with pocket change.

Combatants lay out a selection of coins from their pockets or change jar as their force, no "tank" being within a foot of an opponent's tank. Each turn you can move your tanks 2 inches, then fire. The attack range is equal to the last digit of the year the coin was minted, in inches (reading '0' as ten). Add the attacker's monetary value to a d30 roll, and do the same for the defender: if the attacker's total is higher, they pick up and keep the destroyed "tank".

Whoever gets all the money is the winner.

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I've been loking for a game like that to do for the cell phone! I just might try and work on it after my current project! Woohoo!

You could use entries from their phone book as data sources the way this uses coins. 'Course, if they don't have any entries it might cause problems... Maybe have a default crappy tank.

Would it be single-player, or multi-player via SMS or the like?

No, it's actially gonna be M&Ms, but randomly set up, kinda like this so using 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 value pieces could work quite nicely. I can't actually access the phone book through Java. Something to do with security.

Single player would be cool but I'd need a pretty good AI. Multiplayer will be the eventual goal. Could do something SMS but it might be just a simple turn-based thing sending messages to a server and then polling for the next player's turn. Gonna be a ways away I'm afraid, though.

I like it too.

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