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d30 Acquired. Target locked.
They seem to be everywhere--that funny giant die with thirty sides that no-one ever owns, but every shop seems to carry nonetheless. Obscure random monster encounter tables used them in old first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and every GM seems to have tried their hand at creating a monster that uses a d30 for damage in order to challenge a party full of munchkins. They're everywhere!

They're everywhere until, of course, you actually want to purchase one.

Golden Age Collectibles on Granville, though I loathe the service there (as they seem to loathe gamers and fans of things other than comics and posters), was the first games shop that frustrated my attempt to acquire 30 faces of polymer goodness. Drexoll Games, though they had "d30" on their list of dice to get next shipment when I spoke with the proprietor last week ("we'll have 'em on Friday"), still didn't have them in stock when I called today. The Games People in Gastown on Water Street have all sorts of drool-worth out-of-print RPGs, but showed a distinct lack of triacontahedrons. Ages 3 And Up on Renfrew near 22nd doesn't carry RPG paraphernalia to begin with, and I keep forgetting that Mishra's Game Factory on Edmonds St in Burnaby is (slightly) more than a Magic card shop, and so I forgot to check there.

I did manage, finally, to find a source of the reclusive d30 at Richmond's Imperial Hobbies. They had only three in stock, but the guy got on the phone to the distributor and asked after any stock they had. Apparently, even the distributors are having a hard time finding d30's, which also explains Drexoll's otherwise-inexplicable failure to get any in stock. I will buy one or two more when either Drexoll or Imperial Hobbies gets more, but until then I am the happy owner of a nice green d30. It's technically blue-yellow speckled, though you have to really look at it and squint your brain to see past the chromatic optical illusion.

(EDIT: fixed link to point to Imperial Hobbies in Richmond, not Ontario.)

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Why didn't you wait until FRIDAY when they are having a *SALE*???

P.S. rainbowk and I both have d30's!

Mostly because I wanted my d30 goodness last Friday and didn't get it. Must... satisfy... impulse..!

I did hold off on buying a neat world-tree rpg, though. It's ~350 pages and only about 150 of those are rules, which means ~200 pages of fluffy setting goodness. Also, the guy said that the d30's that he had just ordered would be there for the sale, and I want at least one more and I didn't like either the blue or the black one he had besides the green/blue-yellow one I bought.

P.S. rainbowk and I both have d30's!

Oh, good. Then she'll have her own for gaming with The Window. That's why I'm finally acquiring one, despite already having more dice than I really need. :)

Re: But , but, but!

having more dice than I really need

Piffle! There's no such thing!

Re: But , but, but!

Yup, I have my own D30. I used to carry it in my pocket to roll for important decisions. ;)

zargon gave it to me because I admired his D30 when it rolled out of the bag he used to bring to gaming at my place. I'd never seen one before. So he gave me one. It's on top of my fridge, but it can go into my geek box (my little box for carrying around all my dice and my fig) for gaming.

what's the name of the city my character supposedly lives in for the Window game you're putting together? And the neighbourhood she lives in? And the one it overlooks?

Waterdeep, on the Sword Coast (west coast) at the south most border of the nebulous area called The North.

She lives in the northern part of Dock Ward, which verges on Castle Ward. From her rooftop she can see Mount Waterdeep to the NNW, upon the lower slopes of which the city was built. She can probably see the castle built on a ridge that pushes east from the mountain into the city, thus the name of Castle Ward. To the west is city curling around the southern slopes of the mountain toward the sea, and to the south is the bay that gives the city its name. The Dock Ward slopes sharply down to this bay and wraps around it's north and east sides. To the east is South Ward, the city wall, and the South Gate, through which most travelers to Waterdeep arrive.

And, because multiple vectors for information is always good, here are some maps.

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