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Moths, Nature's Disguise Artists
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The coolest moth just landed on me. I wish I had a digital camera or that nifty Palm with the built-in camera, because I've never seen anything like it and likely won't again.

It looked just like a hornet, and that's what I thought it was at first despite the fact that it was doing the usual confused-by-lights moth thing. It was also not stinging me, but was in fact sitting placidly on my leg the way a confused moth does. The wings were narrow and mostly transparent, with the moth-powder concentrated in black lines on the leading edge. The abdomen was mostly moth-shaped, but was more exposed and was striped just like a hornet's. Even the antennae feathers were subtle, meant to look like the stream-lined antennae of hornets. The head, too, was shaped more like a hornet's than like a moth's.

It's happily outside now, hopefully not running after any more artificial lights.