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Movies (In My Head)
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Last night, darthmaus and I watched Ginger Snaps II and ate Throw Stuff In A Pot soup with a raspberry white wine that was quite tasty. The movie was great. The atmosphere of the 1920's insane asylum was awesome.

I had really vivid dreams last night. There was a wolf-person involved in an early dream, but I don't remember much of it. I had an early morning dream that was an action-adventure where I was a member of the advanced colonisation team on a new planet, and we were being attacked by a war band of heavily armoured dog-people who were contesting our claim to the planet. I got to play with nifty wi-fi/satellite communications equipment, and neat energy guns that fried the bad guys' armour and robots. After our hairs-breadth victory, the dream turned into an interesting small-community frontier social drama, with all the politics that go into a situation like that. It was in a grassy valley, and for some reason there were already large, cave-like, concrete structures on the planet.

Oddly enough, my grandmother was there at the very end of the dream as I was leaving in a vehicle. Her and my dad weren't happy with my choice to do whatever it was that I was going to do, but at the last moment she gave her blessing. It was good to see her walking again, too. darthmaus and I were looking through some old pictures of when I was young, and Grandmaman was in some of them; I suppose it's not so odd after all.

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Odd dreams too? Funny, so did I.

Vivid dreams do seem to happen in clumps among related people. I wonder whether that's just selective perception or if there's something statistically weird about that.

I had Samurai dreams last night. Very vivid. Then again I watched a Samurai movie before bed.

The movie, and other... stuff got my imagination going last night. I find that my dreams are far more interesting when the creative juices are flowing.

*withholds tasteless comment about procreative juices*

Oops, did I say that with my outside voice??

I think the term is "saucy wench!"

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