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Better than a d4
Cats and dice don't mix.

Felis Domesticus.

This comic makes my face hurt.

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Oh, the second one is priceless!

It made me laugh so hard that I couldn't not post it.

Just the thought of it still makes me giggle.

Unfortunately, I'm finding it brutally difficult to navigate, so the crossover week with Catharsis is kind of annoying... I wonder if it's my browser?

Odd. As far as I can see, it's just the usual prev/next nav system.

Or is it that it's being slow? Keenspace seems to be sticking and ads in there, which are slow like dirt and hold up the page loading. I had to add them to my /etc/hosts file to read it at a reasonable speed.

The crossover is only a half-dozen pages, thankfully.

How strange! I'm still not getting the prev/next graphics, although this time at least I'm getting the links with text (and the little broken graphics symbol).

When I tried to read the comic earlier in the week because of the crossover, I didn't get any prev/next links at all -- which, as you can imagine, made it pretty hellish to navigate!

...and now I'm getting the graphics. Weird. Might have been some holdup with (I hates

I wasn't getting the next or last graphics last night, but there were alt text links at least. I'm blaming just keenspace flakiness.

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