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Better than a d4
Cats and dice don't mix.

Felis Domesticus.

This comic makes my face hurt.

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Oh, the second one is priceless!

It made me laugh so hard that I couldn't not post it.

Just the thought of it still makes me giggle.

Unfortunately, I'm finding it brutally difficult to navigate, so the crossover week with Catharsis is kind of annoying... I wonder if it's my browser?

Odd. As far as I can see, it's just the usual prev/next nav system.

Or is it that it's being slow? Keenspace seems to be sticking ad.ca.doubleclick.net and www.burstnet.com ads in there, which are slow like dirt and hold up the page loading. I had to add them to my /etc/hosts file to read it at a reasonable speed.

The crossover is only a half-dozen pages, thankfully.

How strange! I'm still not getting the prev/next graphics, although this time at least I'm getting the links with text (and the little broken graphics symbol).

When I tried to read the comic earlier in the week because of the crossover, I didn't get any prev/next links at all -- which, as you can imagine, made it pretty hellish to navigate!

...and now I'm getting the graphics. Weird. Might have been some holdup with doubleclick.net (I hates doubleclick.net).

I wasn't getting the next or last graphics last night, but there were alt text links at least. I'm blaming just keenspace flakiness.

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