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Logistics Hate Me
...and I hate logistics.

Now I remember why I got burned out running that game of D&D two summers ago. It isn't enough to run the games and keep the plot together, and provide interest and challenge for each player/character, and to manage group dynamics and enable good roleplay, but I've got to organise the whole shebang too.

It's like throwing a party while trying to write a play.

Notes to self to get apartment game-ready:

I need:
  • Chairs. At latest count I have: 1 uncomfortable chair.
  • A table. I have: 1 decent coffee table which needs to be excavated from the remains of E's stuff.
  • A vacuum. Failing that I will just roll up the giant throw rug to put it out of sight and sweep the floor. (Add vacuum to list of things to buy when I get my student loan.)
  • Refreshments. Can be done, but I need to clean out the fridge.

I've been really excited about the potential building up to this game but logistics is just discouraging. I really like the potential, though... I'm not going to let this get me down, this time. Not yet. It doesn't seem so overwhelming now that it's in a list. I still have no idea what I'm going to do for seating, though. Damn...

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The coffee table's good enough for floor-level-with-cushions seating, is it not?

Re: my stuff, are Wed/Thurs this upcoming week good for me to come by and get it? Do I/we need to sort through boxes, or is it all seperated out now?

There aren't any cushions here.

Yeah, Wed/Thu would be fine. There's still sorting to do.

I'll give you a call when I sort out times with mom.

You're welcome to borrow the couch-cushions for a day or two here and there until/unless you get something else worked out. They're annoying to transport, though, I guess.

I wish I could be of more help -- I feel really bad that I can't host it here or contribute more, but my hands are tied.

I am, however, available tomorrow to help you clean the place up and pick up refreshments etc. Feel free to order me around :)

I still don't know what time we're getting together...

but my hands are tied

Then how did you type this? With your nose?

*Warning* Straight Line Alert *Warning*

But your icon has no nose...

Everybody wants prosthetic noses on their real noses

Oh, that. It's out of date.

Oh. OKay. I was afraid you'd say you were using your nipples or something.

I think "afraid" is hardly the right word...

Anyone who's got enough nipple control to type coherently is someone *I* should be afraid of!

You've got a point, there...

Getting together at 3 o'clock. I still haven't got a hold of rainbowk though.

Strike that last, everything's arranged. We'll just need a lurker to let her in, what with the no buzzer thing.

They Might Be Giants - Flight of the Barking Death Squirrell

My collection is pretty complete, and I'd never heard of this song, so I did some looking around. According to this site, it's not by TMBG- it's been mislabeled on a bunch of the popular download sites.

Well hell. Thanks for the tip--at least I can actually change the ID3 tag now that it's on my Deathstar and not unchangeable CDs.

I thought it sounded un-John-like...

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