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Of Skunks and Dragons
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For the second time in as many weeks I have just barely avoided hitting a skunk while driving. This one waddled out into my lane, not realising the danger it was in until I was actually stopped in the road and bathing it in my headlights. It stopped and looked at the car for a second before walking away from it, then deciding that going back to the side of the road might be a good idea. They're awfully cute, but not fast enough waddlers or learners to be safe near roads.

In other news, this is the most incredible piece of origami I have ever seen.

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Wow! That's some impressive folding!

(And because of your post, I'm now mentally designing an origami skunk.)

It seems that we have a lot of skunks in Vancouver and Burnaby this year. A paper skunk to commemorate this Year of the Skunk would be cool. :)

That's all paper?

Man, that makes my hershey's-kiss-wrapper swans look pretty pathetic.

I don't know how many pieces of paper, and there might be some paste involved to prevent unfolding, but, yeah.

Apparently there is an origami convention going on in Japan at the moment.


That's just amazing.

Last summer Irene and I were chased around a clearing in Stanley Park by a skunk. She looked it up in some symbological dictionary and said it represented sensuality.

Are you sure it was a symbological dictionary and not "The Complete Guide to Warner Brothers Cartoons"?

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