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When we last left our heroes...
If anyone is interested in following the adventures of darthmaus', rainbowk's, and D's characters in my current campaign, I'm keeping cheat sheets and notes on the game. You won't be able to read interesting prose about what happened--I'm only giving the broad strokes of what happened in each session, with brief descriptions of plot points. The briefer, the better: this is a war-story-free zone!

To preserve the friend's lists of my readers, announcements of updates and links to that stuff will get posted in my campaign filter. If you're interested, ask to be added.

It was a good gaming session. It took a while to get going, but we spent the start-up time elaborating on characters and investigating details that I might be able to tie into the plot. No huge hooks hit yet, since we started so late, but the place and events are rolling and a few small hooks have been set. Two major events are primed to go off at the very beginning of the next game, which will nicely catapult the session into action.

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I wanna be added!

If I can't play in the game, I still want to know as much as I can... =D

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