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Dormez vous?
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I can now play Frère Jacques on the violin. Not very well, but I can. Yay me!

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Awesome job!! =D It's only been a couple weeks, hasn't it...?

Close to two and a half, but just about! Now, if I actually practiced every day like I originally intended, I would be progressing really well. But, no pressure, which is nice.

Dormez your neighbours? ;-)

Yay! That's wonderful, sweetheart; you're doing so well. It really helps that you have such a good sense of pitch, eh?

Re: Dormez your neighbours? ;-)

Indeed. I can tell when my fingering is bad from the horribly flat notes that I keep hitting.

I think I need to revisit the section on proper hand and finger positioning to avoid getting sloppy.

That's impressive! Fiddles are hard. Did you play guitar or fretted instruments before?

Nope. I only have a really good ear.

I did teach myself two-finger piano when I was young, though. I think that's helping me pick up the basics now. Notes are easier to find when I can visualise the jumps between keys on the piano, as it translates to fingering positions when I'm using a standard scale.

I'm finding the scales and other basics fairly easy to pick up. The hard parts are consistency and control when bowing and in finding the right finger positions.

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