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I have developed a taste for Brio, which is a Canadian version of an Italian drink called chinotto, which is vile and evil. However, Brio is tasty and hard to find.

Does anyone know where I can find a ready supply of Brio other than the pizzeria near McDonald on Broadway? Because my IV is out.

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I'm yo' pusha, babe.

Let's go on a quest, seeking The Holy Case of Brio Chinotto. I love the stuff too, and it's my fault for getting you hooked on the stuff! :)

Try the Hastings/Nanaimo area. I haven't seen it there, but my vague-ability-to-find-things-and-research-instincts say "there!"

Yeah, they might have it at Ugo's.

What's Ugo's?

411.ca says:
UGO & Joe's Lucky Meats
2404 Hastings Street East, Vancouver, BC V5K1Z1
(604) 253-6844

I'm feeling oddly manic, tonight.

Urban Fare has it, I think. I don't know about late-night groceries.

I used to be a Brio addict too.

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