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Taking the Plunge
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My personal desktop system has been running for about five years without a reinstall. Despite Debian's great package management, and the QA system that goes into developing those packages, my system has a few idiosyncrasies. Even so, they're not monumental enough to require a reinstall, since most of those idiosyncrasies are buried in my .dot files (particularly the dastardly Gnome config files, grr).

No, it's time for a reinstall because I've got a bigger drive now! That means my overly-enthusiastic partitioning scheme of five years ago can be changed to something more... useful. Less limiting. Plus, installing operating systems can be a lot of fun.

Yeah, really. It helps to be really familiar with a system, like I am with this old thing.

Wish me luck! If I don't come up for air by tomorrow morning, send pizza.

Update: It's working, and I've a reasonably-complete system running. The last few hours have been just tweaking and playing with new things. Total install time was approximately three hours, nearly half of that being the time it took for the installer to get the packages via internet.

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Enough fun for you to install a dual-boot windows/Debian thingy across my two hard drives?

Only if I don't need to supply the Windows install disc and I don't need to maintain the resulting system regularly. So if you can install and manage your own software, no problem.

Ideas for stuff we can do next weekend (somewhat censored):

- take you to a strip club, darnit! :)
- rent Orgazmo. You'll totally love it.
- hmm, possibly Lost In Translation too, although I've been holding off of renting that one because I want to buy my own copy (it's that good).
- borrow that install disk and give this system a much-needed refresh...

So, that allows a possible itinerary of: strip club, play with my disc, orgazmo.

Sounds good. ;-)

seriously off-topic!

- go hiking at Buntzen Lake
- maybe hit the art gallery?
- watch Impostors from my video collection, since we just saw Orgazmo
- much snuggles


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