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The housewarming was fun. I got to meet a few people who I hadn't before, and get to hang out with some people who I'd met but hadn't gotten to know.

After a while of socialising, estrellada and I broke out her copy of Redemption: City of Bondage, which is, despite the subtitle, a Christan board game. rainbowk and vulpinehermit played as well. I was playing as Samuel! I was pleasantly surprised at how it played: a very random challenge mechanic which still allowed for a startling amount of choice and strategy. The mechanics are elegant and play quickly. Even the most thought-intensive turn takes less time than it takes to get up and fetch a drink, and yet you're still making meaningful decisions in that short time. I heartily recommend it for Christians and pagans alike.

We finished off the night with an uncountable number of rounds of Mafia with ten people. The village was a very, very dangerous place to be innocent. Out of innumerable games, only three (I think?) were not won by the Mafia, and one of those was won by the Serial Killer. Come to think of it... another one was only won by the villagers because the Serial Killer converted so that he wouldn't have to kill his date...

It was a lot of fun.

And now it's really late and I'm not sure why I'm still up, except habit. Grar.