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SVCD for fun and profit
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I am making SVCDs. Why? Because I can. I am intoxicated with the abundance of gigs in my Deathstar.

The question remains: what to make into SVCDs?

The first (real, non-test) SVCD I'm making is to contain music videos by They Might Be Giants, because, hey. Why not.

I've got some AMVs lying around, but those aren't really worth making a disc out of. There's a copy of Ghost in the Shell somewhere around here, but again, better to buy on DVD than to bother making a SVCD from crappy sources.

So, for what should I be using my Newfound Powers? Anyone have a suggestion (other than the obvious prawn)?

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You've got TMBG music videos?! Can I have a copy?!

They're big 'uns, and I don't have reliable IM file-sending capabilities. I originally found them on the Gnutella network by searching for "they might be giants mpg", while filtering out "amv", "dbz", and "slayers" (to get rid of the innumerable Anime Music Videos made with TMBG soundtracks).

I could still send them to you somehow if you can't find them. Do you have an ftp server or something that I can upload to? Before telus pulled the plug, I would have just put them on my ftp server and told you go at it...

Hrm. Care to try my FTP server, mebbe? People've had variable luck with it. Ping me at my gmail addy, and I'll send you the userid/pass.

(thank you!)

mmmmm, John Linnell...

It's pretty impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing it when you get the menus going.

And pestering you to make me a copy, of course ;-)

Re: mmmmm, John Linnell...

I have discovered to my annoyance that, though this DVD player reads SVCD just fine, the bitty fine print in the manual buried in the section on VCD playback mentions, just as an aside (because it's hardly important) that it can only handle menus on VCDs, not SVCDs.


I am going to prototype menus in lower-resolution VCD to get a feel for them. Then I can use the same menu structure in SVCD, benefitting from the higher-res streams, and we'll see how your DVD player(s) like it...

Re: mmmmm, John Linnell...

That is absurd.

Well, I do have access to 4 DVD players -- none of them conventional console players like yours! Two DVD-ROM drives, one Xbox, and one PS2.

Re: mmmmm, John Linnell...

It's a software-dependent thing, which is why the basic playback capability can be there without the ability to handle menus.

For the same reason, a computer with a DVD drive isn't a good testbed. Without really good software installed that understands SVCD and bothers to implements menus, there's no way to test a disc. PBC menus usually aren't implemented because the programs tend to have decent playback controls, and they're not like DVDs where the menus are essential for proper playback of the content.

Re: mmmmm, John Linnell...

Hrm, it's possible then that none of my DVD players, despite their impressive number, will be able to do it! :-P I don't know about the PS2, but guaranteed the Xbox DVD player is just a DVD-ROM drive under the hood.

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