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A Delightful Walk and a Sprained Ankle
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I had a lovely long weekend, except for the twisted ankle.

Saturday, darthmaus and I went up to Buntzen Lake. We took the Buntzen Lake trail clockwise around the lake, starting at four and expecting the 4 km or so walk to take four hours, which would've been good, as the park closes at eight. Going all the way around, too, we would get to go across the floating bridge at the south end of the lake as well as cross the suspension bridge at the narrows near North Beach.

It turned out to be a beautiful day for a walk, too--not too hot, nor gloomy. There was enough cloud that we got to enjoy the sun-dappled mountains and how the clouds caught on their tops. The forest was old and mossy, and there were birds and nifty-coloured slugs and beetles. I was thinking about how the holes in a lightning-struck stump had been made when I misstepped on a downslope and fell, badly twisting my ankle. Though they're great for wet weather, mud, and general Vancouver life, Blundstone boots are not hiking boots and have only as much ankle support as a pair of running shoes.

You don't hop up and down when you sprain an ankle like you might when you stub your toe, but there are equivalent mental and physical gymnastics that seem appropriate at the time. After I'd sat for a short bit and the acute pain had subsided, it turned out I could put weight on it but I couldn't flex it very much. We managed to walk back the last third of the trail before seven, making phenomenally good time despite my limp, and I could put enough weight on it to safely drive home. (Alas, I drive a standard and darthmaus hasn't ever learned to drive a stick-shift.) We made it home without it hurting much more. Getting my boot off was painful, though. We had a nice dinner and watched The Impostors.

Saturday we sat around the house and I took it easy on my ankle. We installed the latest release candidate of Debian on darthmaus' machine and got printing to work (apparently a personal first for her, being printer-jinxed), and got a nice, pretty, and functional desktop system going. We watched Annie Hall at darthmaus' insistence, since I'd never seen a Woody Allen movie before. (It was good.) This morning the swelling hadn't gone down much, so a trip to the clinic confirmed that it was badly sprained and it would be a week or so before it started to get back to normal.

The funny thing is that I don't really know if it's sprained or if it's broken. I broke the same foot when I was sixteen and didn't think it was broken then, because it didn't hurt enough. I had the nurse in Emergency convinced that it was only a sprain until she saw the x-rays, at which point she remarked that she'd never seen anyone with a multiple-fracture so bad who reacted so little to it. So, I can't really trust my own pain-response for this. I've got a prescription for an x-ray that I'll schedule for some time this week to rule out the possibility...

In the meantime I'm keeping it elevated and I've got a cane and tensor bandage for when I need to get around. Considering that classes start tomorrow, I'm going to need to get around a lot. I can drive on it, oddly enough, because the motion and pressure that the brake and gas pedal require don't flex my foot in any of the "bad" directions. I almost don't notice it. With the cane it doesn't flex too much like that either, so I'm reasonably mobile.

Seeing how badly hurt it is now, I still can't believe I walked on it for a kilometer of up-and-down trail. I have to thank darthmaus for taking such good care of me then and after and encouraging me to take good care of myself. I'm told that I'm a terrible patient.

At least I can add this to my rather short list of injury stories. My brother is the accident-prone one of us, and there are some great (now, terrifying then) stories about him. What stories do all y'all have about an injury that was exceptional enough to warrant a story?

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You need to do something like this every once in a while to remind me that you are not, in fact, an elf, as I so like to imagine you to be ;-)

I have to thank darthmaus for taking such good care of me then and after and encouraging me to take good care of myself.

When you're hurt or sick, I prefer to be able to fuss over you a little -- gives me somewhere to channel the nervous energy :) And you are NOT a terrible patient; you're a wonderful patient.

If you want help getting groceries some time this week, let me know.

Love you!

Holy ouch, batman. Your pain threshold must be really high -- you still sound quite pleasant.

Pretty sucky way to start classes. Although, are canes still fashionable thug stylee?

I once did some interesting damage to my foot playing Ultimate. I twisted the ankle sideways, so much that I felt that little hard knob on the outer side touched the ground. The podiatrist was really jazzed; he'd never seen an "eversion" injury like that before.

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