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Neighbours moving!
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The building manager asked me yesterday if I'd be okay showing the apartment to prospective renters. Apparently, the people upstairs are moving out and being "uncooperative" about having people check the place out.

This is good because The people upstairs are loud:
  • She sings at the top of her lungs to Ani Difranco and bad country.
  • The dogs used to howl when I was trying to sleep after night shift.
  • The dogs sleep on the hardwood floor about my bed, and don't like to sleep through the night.
  • The monthly screaming (not hyperbolic at all) matches that were their previous custom have recently stopped.

The arguments were the worst. We had to call the cops at two in the morning because they were throwing things (or people) around up there. They haven't argued like that for the past month, though. I suspect this unnatural silence was the precursor to moving out.

Or maybe they just don't like my violin practicing...

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I realise that I'm jumping to conclusions about the way they conduct their lives in general based on what I hear from downstairs, but I doubt he'd *want* to show their apartment to prospective tenants anyway. I can't imagine that it would be presentable. Those people are real Jerry Springer guests.

Maybe one of them killed the other and has the body stashed in the apartment. This would explain the silence, and reluctance to show.

Beware of SMELL.

I haven't seen her around recently and I've seen another woman walking the same dogs. So I'm guessing that they broke up and either, a) he got involved with someone else before or after, or b) that's his sister.

Or maybe she's a vampire and has taken him as her new spawn, and they've drained her and hidden her behind the claw-foot tub.

Any luck on finding the key?

No, it wasn't in any of the places that I expected to find it.

Just take the lock and mounting off for now and I'll let you know when I find it as I go through these boxes.

I called the police on my last neighbours, after hearing shouting, screaming and thudding about. They all spoke Philipino at home, so I never knew what they were yelling about, but sometimes I thought the kids were trying to kill each other.

Re: upstairs neighbours

When we had to call, it sounded like there were three voices, her's the loudest and most discernable. Also, the most drunk. Apparently there was freaking out going on and her father was there and it sounded like a really disfunctional triangle of drama.

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