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The ankle is feeling better. I'll try tomorrow's classes without the tensor bandage.

Tomorrow's classes have become one class now that I've swapped out of HIST 101 - Pre-Confederation Canada. I swapped out because the course requirements include writing a four-page essay each week. Is it just me, or is that a ridiculous amount of work for a 100-level course? I think I will enjoy PSYC 100 much more than I would have enjoyed that course, and, besides, it will count toward a degree in Cognitive Science if I decide to major in that.

The violin practice is proceeding nicely. I've learned to play Fáinne Geal an Lae and Níl sé ina Lá, the first two tunes in my copy of The Irish Fiddle Book. When I actually get decent at playing those, I might upload an audio file to prove it.

Also, I've bruised my thumb from playing Soul Calibur II with Dean until four in the morning. I know I don't deserve any pity for it, but having a bruised thumb-pad does tend to intrude itself into one's consciousness.

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Cognitive Science? Wow. Between that and the violin it's like... I don't know, have you hit 'midlife' yet? ;)

Hmm? How do you mean, midlife?

I'm sure there's a small joke in there that I'm not getting, being sleepy and thinking about heading for bed. :)

As in, midlife crisis.

You know, where the housewife becomes an executive or computer specialist and takes up a hobby she's always longed for, and the working husband runs off with the secretary? :>

I hadn't realised you weren't sticking with computers.

Oh, I plan on being in midlife crisis (without the crisis part) for most of my life. And probably without the running off with the secretary part, too.

I hadn't realised that I wasn't sticking with computers, either. I realised at one point that I wasn't keen on being a code-drone after graduation, but I still like mucking with the machines.

The interesting thing about the CogSci program is that I have to choose from 3 of 4 areas of study for my course credits, and one of those four is Computer Science. So, I might not be not sticking with computers after all. However, the other three (Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics) might be interesting enough all on their own, so I'm still not sure. Fortunately, I don't have to decide any time soon.

Four-page essay each week? Man, you Western people are spoiled. I recall my grade 12 English class in which, on top of regular assignments, one page of writing was expected each day.

Though frankly, pre-conf history was boring.

In other news, my last course is ECON101, (down from PHIL/PSYCH 492, Cognitive Modelling, AKA coding in LISP) so I have little right to comment :)

See, I could understand a page of writing each day of a high-school English course. A page is not that much to write. Was this typewritten, or handwritten? In class or take-home?

However, that's top-tier high-school English. This is an introductory University class in History. To top it off, we were not supposed to hand each essay in: they are all throw-aways except for two per half-term, one of which would be handed in on a pre-arranged date, and one of which would be handed in by a lottery to select which students had to hand in that week's essay. If you're not chosen, the essay is never handed in and isn't worth marks.

The logic behind it was that if we were at risk to be chosen to hand in a four-page essay each week, we would have to read the material to write said essay. The logic behind that is erroneous (I would have just strategically foregone the 20% and saved myself a lot of fruitless work) but there's a further flaw with the system: the first people to be chosen by lottery for each half-term wouldn't need to prepare any more essays for the rest of that half-term.

Yeah, I could have done it, but I choose not to this time. Psyc was actually my first choice, so this spurred me to see if there were newly-opened seats, and voila, there were.

Fuck it. I wrote a reply, but IE ate it. (I'm at work... Ugh.)

So I'll just point out that grade 12 wasn't top-tier in the OAC times in Ontario, and wish you fun with psych :)

IE's handling of forms is so... so... dumb. Yeah.

Ack, my memory is failing me! I can't remember if English 12 was an elective or a required course when I was in high-school. I thought it was elective, but now I'm not so sure. (I took a non-standard English course, so it's not quite so odd that I can't remember.)

psssst.... myoclonic jerk!

I think I will enjoy PSYC 100 much more than I would have enjoyed that course, and, besides, it will count toward a degree in Cognitive Science if I decide to major in that.

Hrm, I remember acing a midterm for PSYC100 that I didn't study for because I was too busy snuggling the night before with this terribly cute boy I had recently met... you let me know if you need me to return the favour when your midterm is coming up ;-)

You really seemed interested in the psych courses I've taken.

Re: psssst.... myoclonic jerk!

Ah, was that the midterm you took then!

I'll be sure to remind you as Week 7 approaches. :)

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