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Stepping into the twilight zone...
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(Finally, a meme that might be interesting.)

I want anyone and EVERYONE who reads this, to post in here something they would like to do with me someday.

Then, post this in your journal to find out what people want to do with you.

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Put your hair in pigtails!

You'll be here tomorrow, right?

Always with the pigtails...

Yes, and I've secured Settlers!

For the record, it's not that I object to pigtails.

It's just that, universally, girls seem to all arrive at the same conclusion: long straightish hair on a guy must be put in pigtails! Always with the pigtails...

I'm more amused and bemused than anything else. :)

American beer is like...

Go on a nice long canoe trip.

Re: American beer is like...

Yes! Must schedule! The lake, it is impatient for our masterful J-stroke!

Paranoia XP all-nighter.

I'm intrigued. What's Paranoia XP?

The long awaited new edition of the classic role-playing game of Orwellian slapstick, Paranoia. The latest version is astoundingly smart. It made me re-visit my opinion about The Forge. While I still believe they are elitist loonies, I now see they are elitist loonies with a smart idea.

They made a sequel?!


I never have had the chance to play the original. That would rock.

It is highly brilliant. Go spend your hard-earned cash on a copy now. If you ask nicely at Drexoll they well get you a copy almost instantly (and maybe get the hint that they need some on the shelves!)

I think I'll do that. Drexoll is a great store and I don't patronise them nearly often enough, besides.

Oh my goodness! That is one of the most entertaining RPGs I've ever played. I am so glad they re-released it so an entirely new generation of people can be introduced to "The Computer".

They even had the brilliance/cheapness to re-use most of the original artwork, which certainly encourages the flavour. Brand new cover art by the same guy though.

I'd like to role-play in one of your games. I bet you'd have a cool approach.

I think my approach is good. The execution needs work since I'm horribly out of practice.

Ah, for the bygone days when one could expect to game with 4+ people every weekend...

But yes! that would be cool.

I have *boxes* and *boxes* of unfainted pigs that are just begging for a good what-for.

Go to Lighthouse Park for a walk.

RPing sounds just dandy, thanks :)

Right, then. I've got several long-distance gaming proposals, now. If only all y'all were sensible and would move out to Rain City. :)

...and not work a weird schedule, and could play every weekend, and... and...

'careful what ya wish for...

You thinking of moving out here?

Really. What prompted that thought?

Well, I've always liked the weather in BC, and there's always UBC's grad program. Theoretically, at least. Then, there's the weather. And the monorail. And the weather. And the generally liberal approach to life, from the sound of it. And Seattle's SF museum isn't that far away.

Oh, and did I mention the weather? :)

Ya like rain, do ya? ;-) But, yes, I have to agree that—despite the rain—the temperate climate here is great. The city is very green.

The more liberal approach to life is good, too. The rat race is pretty self-contained in Yaletown and the towers downtown. The biggest living "problem" is BC politics, which were strange long before Wacky Bennett and continue to be bizarre long after.

I notice you don't ask the locals, 'r least not me. Am I still too rp-heavy for your games?

Not too rp-heavy, but last time the problem was rpg-convention-light. There are certain plotting and logistics necessities that sometimes the RP has to be secondary to, in order to enable roleplaying within the RPG-group framework.

However, that doesn't mean times can't change, and the current system I'm using is more flexible in terms of story-telling than D&D.

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