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Fun Games
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Saturday I hung out at eva00's place and played games with a whole bunch of cool people. It was good to see yagowe again, and I enjoyed the thorough schooling at Mancala. (According to Wikipedia, Mancala is actually a family of games, which explains the confusion over names and rules variants.)

We played a bunch of Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond, a single long game of Dungeoneer, and another very long game of The Settlers of Catan. There was also some Chez Geek, Lunch Money, and Munchkin played when enough people arrived to have two different games going at once.

It was much fun, and I think deserves a repeat in the not-so-distant future.

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Lunch Money is a great game. Pity it is ridiculously priced.

The Mr. Bond game totally r0x0r5. I must get a copy of that. So simple, and yet so frigging funny!

You get my vote to be the villain in the next Bond movie...

You liked my silly voices? ;-)

Your silly voices made the game. :)

You're biased! :)

And you, my love, can hear my silly voices any time you like! :-)

He may be biased, but I agree- totally made the game.

You can hear my silly voices any time you like, too! You've got my number, right? :)

Hmm...we'll have to have another one after Andrew moves over at the end of the month...a "meet the boyfriend" social, with games!

But... I don't have a boyfriend to bring!

Where's Andrew moving from (and to, for that matter)?

We could dress Maus in drag...

He's moving from Victoria to Burnaby (near Hastings and Gilmore).

I didn't realise he'd come all the way from the island for the TMBG concert, too.

It's great that he'll be closer. I know how much of a pain distance can be in a relationship, and how nice it is when the distance closes.

We could dress Maus in drag...

...or you could invite me, and I could bring saxifrage00 as my boyfriend for the show-and-tell part.

There *will* be a show-and-tell part, right?

who is not at all averse to drag! It's just that these darned hips and boobs won't cooperate!

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