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Why you should read m_cat
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You should read Ms Kitty's livejournal for gems such as these:
Don't get me wrong—I could take a shark. They're not as tough as they seem. When you're watching Nature and George Page is saying, "Now they're going to throw in another graduate student, just to see what the sharks will do," and the graduate student is screaming and promising to finish "real soon now," you might get the impression that sharks are real tough. That's not actually true. Most of the grad students are undernourished and unused to moving around in the water, so they whine a lot.

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Thank ye. I sometimes type HTML fast enough that I just plain forget to fill in the actual content.

I hear undergrads can be used too. They cost a little less to transport.

They tend to be better fed and fight harder.

Ah! Is that why they don't use 'em as much. I thought it was because the sharks didn't like 'em as much. Now I know why. Thanks!

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