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Rat Haus
There's this guy, and he decided to make a house for his rat. Instead of an aquarium or something, though, he actually decided to make a house with standard construction techniques, except in rat scale.

It's pretty impressive.

Some other guy decided that he'd rather make a rat out of paper. That's pretty impressive too.

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I wonder how long it would take them to eat it?

It sounds like there's only the one rat, and I didn't notice any marks in the photos. Maybe he's not much of a chewer?

I think it depends on whether it lives there or just runs through.

The girls are going through this type of dog biscuit called 'Greenies' at an alarming rate to keep them from chewing the bars..

That reminds me of the time Caroline had her pet chick in Fort McMurray. She built a house for it out of popsicle sticks. It was really quite impressive, and if I remember correctly it did have a porch... though, the chick grew out of it very quickly. I can't remember the chicken's name... or the name of the breed. Gah, me and my stupid memory of a six year old...

But dude, that rat haus is one aweosme achievment.

That's cool. :D

Baby chicks are cute but not very bright, and do grow very fast.

Cool new icon, though, from where? IT looks liek one of the girls, but not so much. ;)

It's a boy, as evident from the un-cropped image. I found it just by plugging "rat" into Google Images. I also found that doing that isn't for the faint-hearted, as there are frequent images of unlucky rats, too. There are many adorable pics, though, and that's how I found Rat Haus. So, there are compensations...

I got myself a paid account with up to 15 user pics. Then someone confused me and my default icon with darthmaus, so I figured I would add a live shot to make the representation clearer. :)

You should meet Caramel sometime, and see the girls fully grown.

I did meet Caramel briefly, though he tried to avoid it. I haven't yet seen the girls full-grown. They were just about there last time I was over.

And re: unlucky, it makes me cringe to think about (Caramel would have been one of those). Margaret Atwood wrote:

Mostly the animals dream
of other animals each
according to its kind

(though certain mice and small rodents
have nightmares of a huge pink
shape with five claws descending)

: moles dream of darkness and delicate
mole smells

And I have to share a two-room-flat with up to three people. In my next life I'll be a rat.

That's awesome! Insane, but awesome!

I couldn't do something like that for my mice, though. They'd get agorophobic with all that open space.

Oh, wait. They're already agorophobic. And claustrophobic. And pretty much everything in between... ;-)

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