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Goodbye, Grandmaman
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Some time last night around five o'clock, my grandmother died.

We weren't taken by surprise. She was uncomfortable in her own body and was looking forward to the arrival of her time to pass on. She was looking forward to being reunited with Danny.

She doesn't really feel gone, yet. It's sinking in slowly. She'll be remembered fondly.

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If you wanna commermorate her somehow at the Shrine of the Lost, let me know.

It always takes a while to fully realise that someone's gone... for me, anyway.


I've been there too with my grandmother. You prepare and prepare for it, and then it just happens. I hope she didn't suffer too much. Sorry for your and your family's loss.

You have my sympathy and my *hugs*. It sounds like it was the right time for her... and that's all we can ever ask for, I guess. To be able to choose our time to let go.

Oh, goodness. My condolances, to use a trite phrase. Are you going over for the funeral?

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Oh, Kynnin... I just saw you, and I wish I would've known. Would've given you an extra hug or two. At any rate... I'm sorry. *hug hug*

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