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U.S. To Legalise Outsourcing of Torture
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(Thanks to flipzagging for the link.)

A bill currently before the U.S. Congress has a rider to legalise "extraordinary rendition," which is politico-speak for deporting someone to a country that uses torture for routine interrogation. Effectively, it will legalise torture.

If the bill passes, the only criteria necessary to legally send some one to face torture is that they be under suspicion of being a terrorist. Watch this:

Down With US Hegemony!

Whether I actually believe in that statement or not, I can now be suspected of being a terrorist. Remember, the definition of "suspected terrorist" isn't someone who's suspected of having committed terrorism—though it includes that—but is anyone who might become a terrorist. That covers pretty much everyone, now doesn't it?

Ever walked in a peace march?

Ever been to a political protest?

Are you a member of Greenpeace?

Ever protested clear-cutting?

Have you ever even considered an act of civil disobedience?

Not only is this about legalising torture, but it's about legalising the circumvention of due process. Either would be bad enough by itself, but taken together it is the foundations necessary for a secret police to arise. You don't need a conspiracy theory to believe that it could happen, either: due process exists to prevent errors in justice due to passion, judgment, corruption, ideology, and simple haste. Without due process, the individual has no rights and there is no rule of law.

But, fuck, legalising torture! I know it's technically just legalising the deportation of suspects to countries that use torture, but it specifically allows for doing so with the full knowledge by law enforcement that the suspect will be tortured. Don't imagine that the FBI just picks up Joe Suspect and drops them off in a Saudi desert and says, "Well, see ya later. Try not to get tortured in this backward country;" no, they hand them over to the target country's police force directly. And, now, they will be allowed to do so knowing full well, and officially, that Joe is going to have his fingernails ripped out and 220VAC applied to his genitals.

Y'know that line, the one that goes, "You have nothing to fear if you're innocent?" The one that is a fallacy to begin with? Well, if this bill passes with this rider, it's not even superficially believable.

Don't ever get deported to the US—the country's run by barbarians.

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Yeah. I was just going to post the link, credit flipzagging and provide some context... but it's too big an issue to not have a strong opinion about.

How horrible, this just proves my theory on humantiy. Torture was used in the dark ages, and the middle ages. How dare we call ourselves civilized when we do something like this. It's disgusting. And it is not to blame the United States soley, though they are at most to blame for this. It is to blame humanity itself. We come so far, only to revert to barbaric ways. And for the most part, the guilty party, is not even guilty!! Explain this to me, Mr. President. Explain why you let this happen to innocent people.

I don't see this as a failing of humanity but of individuals who are in power. Not all people in power are corrupt, and neither is all humanity is corrupt.

If all humanity were corrupt, then there would be no hope for us and we might as well all drink the blue kool-aid now.

they hand them over to the target country's police force directly

Decree of Injustice
Tap : Return one suspected terrorist in play to target country's police force.

Exactly! An Ideology Ward or Diplomatic Immunity won't even help because it's not targetted.

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