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Going Shopping
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This is true more often that most guys will admit.

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I really did NOT need to have that suspicion confirmed!

And like you're not going to go around, basking in the newfound confirmation...

No, that's not quite it. These attitudes in men are actually something that I find quite disturbing. Call me naive, but I like to believe in the potential for actual friendships across gender boundaries.

Does one really eliminate the possibility of the other?
Actually, I'm going to take this to off-comment lands, if you don't mind.

Any luck figuring things out?

I dunno... I thought he meant the part about men pathetically tagging along with attractive, yet attached females.

Isn't the whole undressing-women thing common knowledge? ;)

It's funny because it's an exaggeration, mind.

there is something nice about watching girls try and clothes and ask your opinion about how they look ... even when you are not picturing them naked. Umm ... 'cause you are not always picturing them naked ... yah ... that's it.

*whistles innocently and wanders off muttering about how nipple tassles are clothing too*

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