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Secrets of the Magic 8-Ball, Revealed!
An in-depth look and dissection of a Magic 8-Ball, including pictures and discussion.

I particularly like the description of the dissection as performed. The only secret left un-discovered is what exactly is the blue stuff inside the ball:

Now pour the fluid out, being careful not to let it touch anything you like. Do not taunt the fluid, as it might just kick your ass.

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Do not taunt the fluid, as it might just kick your ass.

AAAHAHAHAHAHA! This is great, except now the dice-loving D&D geek in me really wants to do this, just to get the 20-sided answer die...

Ahhh! That never occurred to me. That would be a lot of fun to dump out of a dice bag at the beginning of a gaming session.

They describe it as being hollow and having two easily-separated halves. It might need some glue to keep it from splitting, and sand or glass beads like those inside the Zocchihedron to make it reasonably fair.

“The great Oracle listens sagely to your one allotted question, then begins to speak: ‘Reply hazy, try again...’”

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