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School-bus dream
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Last night I drempt about driving a school bus on a school trip to a military base. One of the kids couldn't find his lunch when we got there, so we searched the bus for it. When they were all gone, I found that I was blocked in by a tank that was double-parked.

One of the cool aspects of the dream was the vividness of the operation of the bus. I distinctly remember operating the clutch and gas pedal, sighting through the mirrors, and other things that are usually unclear when dreaming. It handled wonderfully, but that's probably because the operation of the dream-bus was modeled on my experience with my little Nissan.

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Where does an 8000 ton tank park?

Anywhere it wants to!

funny, a week ago I had a dream where I, Chris, and Mouse were on a sort of city bus entering some government base. This bus had the ability to buildings somehow -- I remember the wait as the bus pulled up to the front doors.

Ususally school busses don't have clutches; are you sure it was not just a big long car?

They usually don't have centre-mount rear-view mirrors either, but dreams are rarely consistent with the real world. It was very definitely a huge yellow school bus, bad vinyl seats and everything.

My muscle-memory of how to drive my standard-shift hatchback probably accounts for the vividness of driving the school bus as well as the inaccuracy.

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