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Newsflash: Caffeine Addictive
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In the past, the DSM has recognised caffeine withdrawal as a potential disorder, “but had suggested in its most recent review that the condition needed to be studied more systematically.” A study on coffee and caffeine intended to do just that has recently been released.
We need to recognize that caffeine really is a drug and accord it respect as a drug. People need to know what it does when they take it, and what it does when they cease to take it, and make an adult decision about that.
None of this might seem like news to anyone, but it’s still important to note, as studies that prove “common sense” are necessary if you’re going to base anything on the conclusions.

My favourite quote from the article, though, is from a spokesman for the National Coffee Association. In response to the study, he said, “altering the coffee-drinking routine is what produces problems,” and that caffeine isn’t an addictive substance. Right, so how does something that’s not addictive produce everything from headaches, to muscle spasms and vomiting, when you change your usage pattern? Better make sure you visit the water cooler in the exact same pattern every day.

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Interesting - sounds vaguely like the cigarette industry not so long ago, with 'nicotine isn't an addictive substance.'

I'm personally aware that drinking caffeine in the morning wakes me up; drinking caffeine at nightmakes it difficult to fall asleep. As you noted though, common sense is sometimes lacking in the population.....

Yeah, if everyone saw caffeine and coffee as a drug that affects performance, advertisers couldn't continue with the coffee-is-wholesome images anymore.

I like the occasional cup of coffee for the taste and something warm to drink, but I avoid drinking it for any reason that starts with "I need a coffee because..." I can't afford to become addicted to having a morning coffee even if it does wake me up. I've known too many students who followed that path and are completely dysfunctional before they have their morning fix.

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