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Banishing the Offensive
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I’m using Firefox as my browser, and one of the lovely things about it is that there are numerous user-created extensions for it out there. Specifically, I’m enamoured with one flipzagging mentioned in a comment to lazarus7, called NukeAnything.

What are the two most annoying things on a Friends page? The top contenders seem to be long, un-cut posts and wide, un-cut pictures. I don’t personally mind long posts on my Friends page, so that leaves just the one: those gigantic pictures that people post straight out of their high-megapixel digital cameras, or format-stretching images that show up in RSS feeds. Either way, they have a habit of breaking the formatting on my Friends page and requiring lots of tedious horizontal scrolling.

Having already installed NukeAnything to deal with irritating Flash ads and those obnoxious red-yellow blinking GIFs, it only just occurred to me that I could banish my pet peeve easily and conveniently with it, as well. Now I just need to scroll down to find the offending image and I can remove it from the flow of the page with a two clicks. Later, when I come to that entry and I want to see what all the fuss was about I can just open the entry or reload the page to make the image return.

I love it when software gives me control of what I do online.