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saxifrage flower
Am I odd for being curious to try tofurkey? I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by the meat-substitutes I’ve been served at restaurants like Hon’s, so I imagine that I would enjoy a tofurkey dinner.

Plus, there would be a distinct lack of those messy giblets to deal with.

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I think it's normal to want to try new things. I'd be curious too, actually...

We've purchased a tofurkey on a couple of occasions but it's a bit of a disappointment. It's not actually all that appetizing though the mushroom gravy is excellent. The past coupld of Thanksgivings we have baked a stuffed pumpkin instead because we all agree that what we really like is stuffing and not turkey.

Take a medium sized pumpkin, pull out the stringy seedy bits, stuff it with your favourite complicated stuffing, bake. Delicious.

But, think of the cranberries!

That's a great idea. Now, if I could just find something else to serve as a suitable cranberry sauce vehicle, I'd have a drop-in replacement for a turkey dinner.

Re: But, think of the cranberries!

Cranberry sauce actually makes a pretty nice jam on bread.

Re: But, think of the cranberries!

That's true, but toast isn't a very thanksgiving-y vehicle for cranberry sauce. It doesn't really go well with thanksgiving ham-and-hot-mustard, either, nor does it complement pumpkin pie very well.

Then again, I usually just ate it straight as a side dish, so maybe I'm thinking too much.

Re: But, think of the cranberries!

For pumpkin pie you need whipped cream!

Hmm, maybe the vehicle you are thinking of is "a spoon"?

Re: But, think of the cranberries!

Yes, pumpkin pie makes an excellent whipped cream vehicle. :)

I think a spoon will have to suffice for the cranberry sauce.

Re: But, think of the cranberries!

Mmmmmmm! I think you've got 'em pegged then.

I suppose there's always whipping cream on properly sweetened cranberry sauce....

Am I odd for being curious to try tofurkey?

umm ... yes!

you try it, and then tell the rest of us about it.

Re: Tell you what ...

Unless I am confronted by tofurkey, I think I will take icedrake and halfjack's advice and not try it.

However, if I am ever threatened by a rampaging tofurkey and thus have the opportunity to partake of its curdy flesh, I'll let you know what it's like.

Re: Tell you what ...

How the hell do you *kill* a tofukey?

Re: Tell you what ...

I imagine the same way you kill a vindaloo.

Re: Tell you what ...


Having just been fed tofurkey last weekend, I can honestly say that yes, you are. IT COMES IN A BALL. With WISHSTIXS!

I would have expected it to be kinda, I don't know, turkey-shaped. A ball of turkey-substitute just doesn't sound appetising.

I like the baked pumpkin idea of halfjack's.

Ya know, I'd have thought it would be turkey-like, too. My friend just had a faux-thanksgiving party with tofurkey last weekend. I assure you, there is nothing turkey-like about it.

I'm not much for pumpkin, myself, but it does sound like a good idea.

I have heard that some species of giblets are tasty. I'm dubious. Except for kidneys—those are tasty when done well in stuffing. At least, I think those were kidneys...

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