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A streetlight reflected in a puddle in the rain
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We, as humans, read so much meaning into everything we see.

Staring into a puddle tonight, I watched as the drops of rain falling into it conjured bright slashing sparks of light that lived briefly on its otherwise perfectly dark surface. I’ve seen a similar effect in the ocean, late at night when the waves wash the beach and flash with phosphorescence. Here, I knew it was only the angle of the streetlight, just out of the frame of the pool, reflecting off of the near and far rims of the ripple to make a line of light.

Still, watching intently dissolved all the meaning in what I was seeing, and for a few brief moments I just experienced it in a swelling sea current of ideas without form or anchor.

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You're beautiful. You just are.

...and on a sillier note, when did you animate this icon?? I just noticed it a couple of days ago!

Me too! It took me a while of, "Did I just see what I thought I saw?" before I caught it in the act.

You've both got me!

I did it the same day I finished the Escher Chameleons animation. I was curious to see how long it would be before anyone noticed. :)

koppermoon gets the prize for spotting it first, though she didn't mention doing a follow-up to make sure she wasn't imagining it.

I think I need to increase the delays to make the twitches less frequent, though, now that my desire for my creation to be noticed has been satisfied. ;)

How Zen!

Actually zargon did the followup, showed me the tail-twitch, eye-blink, etc from his screen captures.

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