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Spot the Democracy
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Today in , the candidates of the two largest parties in opposition to the current form of government and electoral system were arrested while protesting their exclusion from the electoral debates.
In which country was it?
As I saw in a Slashdot article earlier today, the Presidential Candidates of the Libertarian and Green parties of the United States of America were arrested yesterday outside the official Presidential Debates for protesting the political process that has kept them from participating.

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I didn't find it hard to guess. I have gone so far as to predict that the election will be cancelled for some kind of "national security" reason if it looks like it's not going Bush's way...

But I have my ballot, dang it and I'm gonna vote.

I liked those nutters to the south a lot better when they were just loud and obnoxious. Now they're *dangerous*.

(Note, American friends, I'm talking about your government -- not your people!)

Could I get you to make me a copy of that CD, perchance?

Could do, yeah. It will probably be a few days at least before I can focus on anything not school-related, so remind me if you don't hear anything about it in a week.

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