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Thanksgiving Squid
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The essay is done! Such satisfaction, and only a weekend late.

I’m imminently off to Penny’s Diner, a “unique” chinese restaurant near here. There I will enjoy fine company and the traditional spicy squid with cranberry sauce.

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I love spicy squid! I love cranberries! I would love that!

It was very good. breklor brought the cranberry sauce—and what cranberry sauce it was!—and Penny's Diner supplied the spicy squid.

Apparently it's a tradition as of... this year. I'm sure it will be repeated next year.

Itwas very yummy, a bit too spicy for me though.

The essay is done! Such satisfaction, and only a weekend late.

Yay! *hug*

wow ... crazy unreleased Weird Al songs too!

Well, technically the title is "It's Still Billy Joel To Me", but it was listed on the disc I got it from as "Bonus Track" and I didn't take the time to look up the precise title until just now.

It's still one of my favourite Weird Al tracks. :)

it is a great song ... *smile*

what disc do you have it on? I thought it was still classed unreleased.

I don't remember having it on any of my Weird Al CDs and I thought I had them all ...

Ah! I understand your perplexity now. I didn't realise it was unreleased!

It's track 8 on greenstorm's copy of Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 5.

It is probably still unreleased by Weird Al himself.

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