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Bush: US Healthcare Envy of World
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Bush says that the current U.S. heath-care system is the envy of the world.


Oh, my poor sides. The U.S.’s system of HMO-oversight is the scariest innovation in health-care I’ve ever heard of in a developed country.

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I can't even read the article...the tag alone makes me want to commit murder. But speaking as someone with no medical insurance and scary symptoms, Bush can blow it out his ass, preferably in violent ways.

Screw abortion, screw taxes, hell, screw Iraq. I want a president who will do something about the many people who don't have access to health care, in a supposedly first-world nation.

The article isn't that bad—as much about Kerry as Bush, and only a few paragraphs are on health-care.

Kerry does seem to be making it a priority, but it does seem like it would to take a buttload of new taxes to even take a first stab at it (read: unpopular).

I think more people should move up here: even the Liberals, gimps as they can often be, understand how important health-care is to us. Hell, even the Conservatives won't dare to suggest a private-only health-care system.

I think Canada needs a new slogan: "The Top Wage Is Less, But So Is Our Prison Population And Preventable Mortality Rate." Kinda catchy.

Yes, I'd like to move to Canada. It's better than here from a number of standpoints.

And America should wake up and realise that it doesn't get anything that it wants without taxes, even though that's the theory, something for nothing.

We reward the people who are capable of robbing the system blind and/or manipulating it to become extremely wealthy, but ignore anyone who's not capable of doing so because somehow they don't count because they didn't gross a million last year on their taxes. It's a frustrating system, and one that I think isn't particularly useful, simply because it leaves everyone else at the bottom with little way of climbing up.

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