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Your spicy, spicy brains
surreality, chameleons in space!, space
murnkay and zerogenius are selling a comic full of zombie goodness for USD 4 (about 5.14 in loonies according to my PayPal receipt). If you like zombies and independent comics, go look at Attack of the Zombies!

I repeat, Zombies!

Grawrl, slobber.

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Damnit, ya made me buy one.

I blame the credit card. Mine made me do it.

There was even a little angel credit card and a little devil credit card, but the devil credit card won because the angel credit card isn't very convincing when it's all red like that. Or maybe I just can't tell them apart.

"Buy it! You can't satisfy the impulse-buy impulse any other way! You know you wanna!"

"No, don't listen to him! For the love of everything financial, you must buy it! Vote with your dollars because it's the only vote that matters!"

I should stop listening to them.


[makes mouse-zombie noises]

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