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Critters Everywhere
I seem to be having a weird critters day. This morning I discovered a quiescent ladybug hiding behind my toothbrush. It was lively enough when poked, so I coaxed it onto a receipt to take outside.

On my way out the door with the ladybug, and heading for school, I noticed something odd in the foyer of my building. Ladybug is deposited on a bush outside and I go back to get a better look... it’s a slug. In the foyer. In the middle of the floor at the bottom of the stairs. A slug inside a building in a high-traffic area is just very weird.

Slugs stick to receipts when you poke them with one. I find that odd. It did make it easy to toss him into the grass without risking slug-slime.

I get home almost expecting to find something else, but I don’t see any resident critters. As soon as I forgot about discovering bugs in my apartment, I, of course, find an other one. I opened a window to get some air circulating and I notice a potato bug in the window jam. He got tossed out too.

I think it’s just the time of year that bugs and things start looking for a warmer place to spend the night, and/or start heading for the end of their life-cycle. This building is, evidently, far from hermetically sealed—being about eighty years old, it leaks like a sieve. Between that and the other resident critters I’m really looking forward to finding a place that doesn’t come with its own pets.

(Okay, apparently they’re not technically called potato bugs—that’s just what they’d always been called when I was growing up. These potato bugs are just down-right disturbing, and this is just wrong. Sometimes, the Intarweeb is not your friend.)

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(Deleted comment)
I think they have joined the ranks of Things I Disbelieve.

Now they can keep Michael Jackson company.

(Deleted comment)
I'm rolling to disbelieve!


(Deleted comment)

See, this is where I really can blame the messenger.

We always called them 'woodbugs' when I was a kid.

Considering what they did to crabs and NMRs, I'd love to see what sort of cuddly cartoon character Disney could make out of pill bugs.

Wanna borrow some spadgers? I've got lots. I hear Shelob is looking for warmer digs than my rosemary bush.

I think unleashing some nice hobo spiders into the walls might be a good idea. Shelob, though, wouldn't catch anything just sitting fat in her web, here.

I call them potato bugs too - I thought it was an Ontario thing.

That's very possibe, as I grew up in Ontario and that's when I learned to call them potato bugs.

I'm just going to pretend that the "real" potato bugs are just some kind of disturbing hoax.

Re: Those are too big to be cockroaches

That's hilarious and wrong. And hilarious.

Re: Those are too big to be cockroaches

But hilarious. Have you considered just how hilarious it is?

Actually, have you read all 24 of the cartoons? I think the cloaking one (#7) is *VERY* funny! I gotta try that some day! :)

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