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Strawberry Angst Forever
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Yeah, this is about right:

My angst tastes like...
Find your angst’s flavor

Sugary and sweet, your angst is resulting from... nothing, really. You’re actually living a very charmed life, and hopefully you’re also grateful for it. If you have any angst, it is probably minor and you get over it with your optimistic and sunny personality before it can get to you. You’re truly blessed, but be careful that you’re not a bit too happy all the time; sadness, uncertainty, anxiety, and other negative emotions are a part of life, so be sure that you’re not simply bottling them up or choosing to ignore them for now, because they most certainly will come back and get you later. On the other hand, some people just have great lives and great personalities, and if you got this result, you may very well be one of those, so give yourself a good pat on the back!

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Are you angsty lately?

I was just remembering the other day that time when you were just about done working at Cascade, and the commute and such were really bothering you. I was thinking, it's cool you're out of that one.

Nope, I am so very not angsty. That's why this result is so appropriate. :)

Yes, work and instituionalised bureaucracy was soul-draining then. I'm so glad I jumped that ship. It wasn't so much that the commute was bothering me, as working there wasn't worth the expense of the commute.

Gah.... I spend all that time answering questions and then the submit button won't work.

Cool result though! Too bad I don't like strawberries...

Yes, it is kind of a crappily-designed quiz. Especially that background!

Yeah. Hey... I just realised you animated your icon. That is too nifty! XD

pritty acurate by my account.

Your result is very accurate... mine, however:

My angst tastes like...
Find your angst's flavor
Alluring and sexy, your angst seems to be coming from a desire to, well, get laid. You want love, romance, seduction, and a night you'll never forget. Yet while every person wants that to some degree, you seem especially desperate and troubled over it. What you probably truly need, and you know this, is a good, healthy, and romantic relationship. You simply get caught up in passion and always skip straight to the steamy ending. Your fiery affection will no doubt make your future lover very happy, but try to fan the flames now for your own health so you don't overheat and also for others so you don't burn off any prospects.

Oh... is that /Cam/ on page three of the Georgia Straight?

I found it surprisingly difficult to find a copy of the Straight on the Mountain even as early in the week as a Tuesday.

No, it's not him, though I can see the resemblance. The bone structure of the face is subtly off, and the guy looks noticeably older than Cam.

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