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Because I like saying Yreka
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Name a CD you own that no-one else on your friends list does:
Either Laio – Como corre o tempo, John Gilliat – Freedom, or the Myst 3: Exile Soundtrack. Maybe all of them.

Name a book you own that no-one else on your friends list does:
101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life by Roger-Pol Droit.

Name a movie you own on DVD/VHS/whatever that no-one else on your friends list does:
Having only got a DVD player last Christmas, I own only two DVDs so far. One is Wizards, the other is Ginger Snaps 2. Do any of you have one of those? (Oh, estrellada: Ginger Snaps 3 has been out since late August!)

Name a place that you have visited that no-one else on your friends list has:
Yreka, California. There’s a story there. (Brief and uninteresting, but a story nonetheless.) Any of you stopped at this speck in northern California? reepicheep, maybe?
Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia. I think that only rainbowk might pose a danger to that one.

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I haven't been to Yreka, but I think there's a pretty good chance eva00 has- there's a big SCA War there on a regular basis.

D'you know I've never been to Estrella? I have made it to Pennsic though...

They have a whole war there? I didn't think it was big enough for two gas stations let alone a whole war. Maybe there was some more town hiding behind the hill at the end of the street...

Freedon I also need. Is Larry still selling them?

I don't think so. John stiffed him on the album credits for fear that Larry would demand money once they were manufactured, about which Larry was willing to sign a contract to assure him otherwise. He just needed the project for his producer's portfolio, and the credit was the only thing that mattered. He lost a production contract because of expecting the added credential and not getting it.

So, John's a great guitarist and a paranoid bastard, and Larry hasn't heard from him since he ran into him "not really selling any CDs" when he obviously was. If you wanted an official copy you could probably get one from John if you could find him.

I dunno, does that make it more moral to own an unofficial copy? ;>

I drove down the California coast with maydela and a couple boys. Petaluma California. The only other person I know who's been there is dangerdean, who likes it.

We, on the other hand, had an unholy time, lost in a sheep-smelling fog, stymied from our attempts to find affordable accomidations by gas station clerks who couldn't give directions and KOAs what were 45$ a night.....we got quite hysterical after being lost in the same town for 3 hours, and had to go to Denny's.

Re: Northern California.

I remember a valley of fog when we were going down there. Apparently it's a perpetual fog at certain times of year, and they even have a Fog Festival to commemorate it. I'm not sure if it's the same area as Yreka, though.

Yup, 'Fraid so. Been through it many a time, and stopped once or twice, though only for gas/denny's sort of stop. But I guess that counts as a visit to Yreka. Choose another one!

Yep, that counts. What about Eureka, sister speck to Yreka?

Yeah, I've been to Eureka too. But I see you've found a suitably remote alternative in Aussie that I haven't been to :)

I've been to Yreka, too. Was in emerg. there. Long story involving at least three kinds of hallucinogens (not consumed by me, by the friend I accompanied to emerg.)

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