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The stupid sh*t people forward...
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I have a free email account. It collects spam, and forwards from a few people that I don't know but only have one degree of separation from. I don't use it for real email, but it does have its uses.

I checked it today thinking to clean it out. Now, some of these forwards are actually funny (they're almost always scams, chain letters, or jokes). I found a particularly antisocial one today, though...

An old lady walked into a Grocery Store.
She wanted to buy the best dog food in the world
for her little puppy.
She went up to the cash register to pay for the food.
The Sales-lady told her that the store did not allow old
ladies to buy animal food unless they show the actual
animal because a lot of old ladies like to eat the
animal food themselves.
So the old lady went home, got her dog and went back to
the store to buy her dog food.
The next day she came back to buy the best cat food
around. But the Sales-lady told her the same thing,
so the old lady went back home and brought her cat
to the Grocery Store to buy the cat food.
The next day the old lady went to the Grocery Store
again, carrying a big container.
She went up to the Sales-lady and said,
"Put your hand inside here."
The Sales-lady shook her head. "NO", she said,
"there is probably something in there that will bite me!".
"I promise you that there is nothing in here that
will bite you," the old lady said.
So, the Sales-lady stuck her hand inside the container,
and screamed.

To find out what was inside the container, you must send
this to at least 10 people. When it says, your mail has been
sent...instead of clicking ok, hit ALT-8 and the container
will pop up on your screen.

The helpful addition of the forwarder two generations back claimed that it really does work. Maybe, just maybe it works on a very limited setup, such as when reading in Outlook Express or webmail in IE6, but I'm saddened that people believe that computers can do this kind of voodoo, and even if they believe it, further distressed that people don't recognise that being able to achieve the claimed effect is a dangerous thing for Joe Random Email to be able to do.

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Don't you know computers are magic?!!!

I mean, this one time, my computer was all like BZZ ... ZIP .. BANG .. and then there was an earthquake in Shrilanka. That can't be a coincidence ... I mean, I can't even spell Shrilanka.

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