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Good Things Today
saxifrage flower
This song is very mellow and soothing. It suits my comfortably relaxed and tired state of mind.

I discovered that I’d lost my Palm’s stylus when I looked at it on the bus—I found it again when I returned home, it having rolled off the face of it onto my desk. I’ve learned that it’s not a good idea to leave the stylus on the face for the convenience of not having to pull it out of its silo.

There is a squirrel on campus who’s learned that it can dodge into the AQ as students are going in and out the doors. It hangs out at the Renaissance Café and hoovers up the biscotti and scone crumbs that the patrons drop, while darting between their feet under their goggling gazes. I was happily goggling along, just enjoying the sight of this bit of nature putting the lie to all the borders and dualities that we humans insist are real. It seemed really at home there, unconcerned by the constant shuffle of people as it passed within inches of them in pursuit of a nice chunky piece of cookie.

I have homework and essays due next week and a midterm on Tuesday, but I’m not stressing about them. I’ve learned that Good Enough really is good enough, and though I might wish for better work habits, I can get by with the ones I have. Once I can climb down out of that particular perfectionist tree, I can actually do something in a personally evolutionary way toward acquiring work habits that suit me.

I think I will end up cocooning this Hallowe’en, to appropriate and completely redefine someone else’s use of the word. Part of me feels like I should go out and be social on this occasion, and the larger part of me that really doesn’t feel up to it is just listening patiently without being obligated to do anything about it. I know I need a constant ebb and flow of social life, but I can get that at a time that is more in harmony with my shifts without worrying about it—I needn’t force myself just because there’s a prescribed day of revelry. Though, it’s not always forcing, sometimes it’s just a nudge. This Hallowe’en, though, I will go with the flow, whatever that is at the time. Perhaps I will change my mind later...

I’m getting tired of the food available on campus, which means two things. First, that I’m waiting to get home before eating more, which is cheaper on the whole. Second, that when I do eat on campus I’m tending away from the burger-and-fries or sub-sandwich staples and toward the more culinarily interesting offerings, which is quite certainly not cheaper. Balance comes.

Balance comes.

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You may want to link to a specific post?

Nah. Then I'd be explaining myself, and that wasn't the point. :-)

*phew* Glad you added the mood icon -- at first I was reading this post as kinda maudlin, which is totally unlike you (thank the gods), and I was wondering what was wrong! It's tough to get the difference between maudlin and contemplative across in plain text, isn't it?

I'm not feeling up for parties this weekend either. Can't wait to snuggle up with you.

-Mouse Among The Palms

"...rain falls in real time, and rain fell
through the night. No dress rehearsal, this is our life!"

I love that song too. So simple!

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