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Dionaea House
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Don’t ask too many questions.

Too bad I didn’t discover this a week earlier. Thanks for the link, rheall!

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What /is/ that site, anyhow?

It's a site used for documentation of a series of freaky events that go on for a couple people. You have to read it in order to have it make sense; that is, read all the e-mails all the way through then each of the links in order on the updates pages. It's some spooky stuff.

It's very elaborate, is what it is. Trace the threads and you'll find an answer.

It takes about an hour or maybe a bit more of reading, I would estimate. If you've been reading for less, you haven't found the end.

Got it. Interreferential fiction, very cool. Reminds my a lot of those Alternate Reality games, with the phone calls and everything.

I'm glad you had the chance to read it, Kynnin! I read it all the way through last night, and it was more then enough to get me rather spooked...

Did you read to the end, though?

It's not easy to find, but you might feel... well, I won't spoil it. Just keep following the links. ;-)

yes, I did read to the end. =P It still freaked me out, hehe! Awesome work, isn't it?

Yeah, very creepy. I was impressed.

I think I didn't find the end thought I read what was behind every link :( (Or is it in the 79-comment-thingy?)

Yeah, I think that's it. It was only up to around 30-odd when I read it early on the 31st!

Oh, I see. That's why I was so confused. I thought the comments were from the author as well (and I still think most of them are) and followed the links some of the now obviously fan-produced comments provided. So the end didn't seem the end for me at all.

Really creepy: when I googled "Dionaea House" on LJ to see if somebody else had the solution (I'm curious and impatient) I found this entry - in the cache it has 79 comments, just like the Blogspot post had when I read it. Just a coincidence, but one that made me shudder.

And now they have both 81.


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Pay no Attention to the Synchronicity behind the Curtain!



*crawls under bed and stays there*

I'm not even through and all creeped out. It's Blair Witch Project + The Ring + Dracula gone eMail. Thanks for the link!

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