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High-Maintenance Introversion
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It just occurred to me that I’m high-maintenance. Not to anyone else, though, but I’m high-maintenance to myself. It’s not distressing, it’s just normal. Being high-maintenance is only a problem when the maintainer isn’t up to the job, and I do it without thought.

It’s kind of an amusing thought, at that.

I wonder if that’s consistent across introverts. It seems to me that it’s related in some way.

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You're certainly not high maintenance in any way I can think of!

Is that your way of saying that you think too much? ;-)

Yeah, I think so. :)

But, more than that, so much thought seems necessary to maintain that emotional equilibrium that makes me low-maintenance for people around me. My emotional health seems to benefit from being highly introspective. I guess it's can't be too much in that case.

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