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Escape Pod
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Apparently, I’m a British citizen. Yeah, it kind of surprised me too. There are all sorts of paperwork details I and my parents need to go through before it’s official, but this time next year I should have dual-citizenship.

With the US election looking like it will go to Bush, and Paul Martin all trigger-happy for Canada to be part of his brain-dead Missle Defense plan, I’m more relieved that I would like to admit that I’ll have an out from this otherwise-good country should it go to pot. I mean, did Paul Martin completely miss the Avro Arrow deal? Does he really expect that Canada will get any worthwhile contracts for Missle Defense that we wouldn’t have missed out on anyway? Bush isn’t interested in sending contracts this way—just missle silos, spooks, and defence policy.

Even better than British citizenship, though, is a passport that would let me live and work anywhere in the European Union. Socially, Canada is much more akin to Europe than the States, so I’m sure I’d find some place I’d fit right in. If Tony Blair stays in office and continues to be pillow-friends with Bush along with Martin (hot hot political threesome!), I needn’t stay in any US-aligned country at all.

Of course, I’m still of the opinion that Canada will continue to chart its own course, and it will have to take a very dismal turn of events for me to want to leave. Still, it’s nice to have an escape route.

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That is tres cool. Will make travelling nice and easy.

Now we only need to legalize plural marriage... ;-)

Hooray for dual citizenships!

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