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Poppy quarters
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I just heard that the Royal Canadian Mint has done a run of the world’s first circulation coin that is coloured. They’re commemorative quarters with a red poppy in the centre. They’re being distributed only through Tim Horton’s, though what poppies or commemorative coins have to do with donuts is beyond me.

I can’t explain my lust for one of these coins. I used to collect coins, and I still have my modest collection in a box somewhere. I have an old $1 bill and a $2 bill in there too, from just before they introduced the loonie and toonie. This just seem like another particularly notable piece of Canadiana, and something in me really wants one.

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I would *LOVE* to have one of those in my collection...

If I get any extras, I'll mail you one. Not having seen any at all yet, I'm not sure if I'll get one let alone extras, though...

i want one. oh, how i want one.

Tacky tacky tackytackytacky! I loathe those look-like-a-cheap-made-in-Taiwan-sticker-machine-dot-matrix-printer-crapped-them-out-"look-we're-patriotic-just-like-the-Americans!" discs of HELL! One of these monstrosities is residing in my spare change can and if you want it, you can have it! Comes complete with the scratches and loss of colour that will quickly transmute into colourless nothingness...!

Oh, a piece of Gehenna for my very own! Thank you. :) Now I just have to somehow get it from there to here...

They predict that the colour should last for "one to three years," so it's obviously not a great colouring process. Being new tech, though, I think it's kind of cool just as a technique. It makes me wonder if they will refine the process to do more coloured coins in the future.

I suppose it would be too much energy and time to actually impregnate the metal jacket with another metal to change the colour, but that would be damned cool and be much more slick-looking.

Not only at Tim Horton's

I got a couple in my change at an Esso staion, the day they came out. Left 'em in the states for the rellies to keep.

Re: Not only at Tim Horton's

I thought they weren't being circulated until the day before Remembrance Day, though? I seem to remember that from the press release linked off of the home page I linked to above.

(Deleted comment)

Thought it was supposed to be Krispy Kreme that did that ;-)

Nah, I think they just use copious amounts of good ol' honest-to-goodness fat and sugar. At least, that's what it tastes like.

There's a place a few blocks east of Main near 49th street, that a lab partner at Langara introduced me to years ago, that had the most amazing apple fritters. They were huge, lumpy, the size of my open hand, and really tasty. They were much like Tim Horton's old apple fritters, but better. Alas, I was only there once and I don't know the name of this wonderous bakery, nor the exact street.

Which is to say, Timmy's or Krispy's, commercial donuts have been immensely disappointing to me in recent years.

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