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Ow, fuck.

When I woke up I sat up and stretched a stiff neck only to be rewarded with a shooting pain on the left side. There’s now a persistent cramp that prevents me from inclining or turning my head to the left at all. You never really realise how much you use a particular muscle until you injure it somehow, and boy do I ever use this one.

Even just looking down puts uncomfortable tension on it, and that’s the position necessary to takes notes during class. I’m going to go back to bed and try to sleep it off. Fortunately I can get the recorded lectures for both my 8:30 and 9:30 classes in MP3 format, so all is not lost as I can listen to them later today. I’m hoping that I’m feeling better for my 4:30p Psych class.

Ow, damn. It’s got stiffer. I need to be more careful with cold muscles first thing in the morning. Back to bed with me.

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Ouch, I know how that feels... I had a couple of days when I pulled a ligament in neck and I couldn't move it at all, let alone only to one side. Hope it gets better for you soon and that it doesn't take a couple days to clear up like mine did... *grumbles*

I hope so too. It's certainly taking its sweet time relaxing, the bloody-minded piece of meat.

I can get the recorded lectures for both my 8:30 and 9:30 classes in MP3 format

Sweet! I wish I could have had that when I was in uni.

It's pretty cool, except when the instructor forgets to turn on the mic and the resulting MP3 is blank... like today's Humanities lecture. Grr.

Oddly enough, if I turn up the volume all the way on that sound file, I can just barely hear voices that sound like a radio broadcast. I guess the wireless mics they use suffer very slightly from interference.

Oh, and regarding your neck...I recommend getting it looked at. I woke up one morning 4.3 years ago and and am still in somewhat constant pain in my neck.

There's a physiotherapy clinic on-campus. If it persists (it's somewhat better now), then I'll look into that.

I put out my lower back once when I was rather young for it (like, fourteen or something), and it's never quite been the same since.

here's some random advice from a girl with mutinous muscles (right now the arch of my right foot is acting like 1970's quebec seperatites)

-warm warm warm HOT HOTTER shower, and strech slowly and gently in it.
-tiger balm.
-ibuprophen, if you take pain meds
-gentle massage, preferable administered by someone HAWT
-deep breathing with visualization of the tension in your neck dissipating with each breath.*

*I know this may sound all flaky, but 'science has proven' that deep breathing, visualization, etc all DO have positive effects on health.

Thanks for the advice. I don't have a stand-up shower, alas, but I do have hot packs. It didn't help much, though...

I will have Ibuprophen by tomorrow. There's none in the house since I generally forego painkillers for acute pain, and I don't suffer chronic pain often enough to keep a bottle around only to have it expire. I'm thinking a small bottle is a good idea now, though, even if I use it rarely.

Ditto Tiger Balm. Great stuff, but I haven't had any in the house since leaving my parents'. Now on my shopping list for tomorrow.

I'll try the breathing next time I'm lying down. Staying in bed all day is hard to do...

Poor sweetheart. estrellada's advice is good. I will check in on you again later. Go to bed early tonight, sweet thing, and let me know how you're feeling tomorrow and if you want me to bring you anything.


Um, OK, *really gentle hugs*

Don't forget to call me if you need anything, sweet thing.

Don't forget to call me if you need anything, sweet thing.

Thanks, love, will do. I should be okay for the night.

I've been having a similar problem with my right arm muscles. Sudden onset with not much explanation.

So you have my sincere sympathies...

I saw a chiropractor already but I'm not sure he was actually helping in any way. I have no advice other than heat.

Oh and don't try stretching it cold. BELIEVE ME.

I might see a chiropractor for this, but for an arm I would try a massage therapist first.

Actually, for this I would probably need to see a massage therapist to get the kink out first, and then go back to the chiropractor to deal with the underlying neck-alignment issues I know I have but have neglected due to chiropractry being damned expensive to get regularly enough to help (thanks Gordon Campbell!).

You have my sympathies, too. That has got to suck UNbelievably for someone who codes regularly.

Thanks, it's mostly okay now. And I haven't coded a hell of a lot in the last month anyway.

I have much painkillers in residence, so I could trade ibuprofen for Glen* anytime. OR LET'S MIX THEM TOGETHER! AND ALSO BRING PIÑATAS.



The all-caps piñatas were the clincher.

I'm now in possession of ASA goodness. Still, I have yet to be the stereotypically–stressed-and-drunk uni student. I do have two essays (that I haven't started) due next week, so this weekend may be appropriate...

I find that a good card game goes with hard alcohol well, but then, I haven't tried combining it with piñatas before.

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